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You're a passionate small business owner who is living a vision that could have only been imagined a short time ago.


The year is 2023

Write yourself a note of what your end-in-mind is (meaning: what are your realistic visions and plans?) . Imagine that you have the ability to fast-forward to five years from now, and to understand what your road map would have to look like to get you there.

Then put your note in a drawer and let it marinate in your brain for a few days. Pull it out when you feel the urge and tweak it if need-be. Once you've signed yourself off on your plan, put it back in the drawer and revisit it from time-to-time.

Reset when you think you need to. As with any long road trip, there will be necessary stops along the way, and course-corrections will be made.

It Begins With You!

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