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Åpril, 2018 Entry

The Clove Hitch

March, 2018 Entry

The First Of  Four March Nor'easters

From our family cottage on Winsor Street, panning the bay past ICO's property. We lost power for four days, but other homes weren't as fortunate.


February, 2018 Entry

Life's Been Good

On OATBAY's home page, I mentioned how important "vibe" is. Joe Walsh was on Steven Colbert recently; watch how positive Joe's vibe is, and how the Colbert band's (and audience) enthusiasm grows as the song builds.


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January, 2018 Entry

Farmer's Daughter?

Ever wonder how the delicious oysters grown here get from farm to table?

Building a business through social media is closing in on traditional marketing channels, and where's there's tons of interest these days - far beyond what we might have imagined just a few years ago.