Around the OATBAY website


The OATBAY Blog Pages is still being built and I want you to know that I've never been quick with swinging a hammer. It may take a little bit of time before I'm finished but, then, why would I ever want to be finished?). It's also supposed to be easy to navigate, and I hope to limited it as little clutter as possible. 

There are three Main Menu buttons on the top-right corner of each page: HOME, CONTACT & BLOG, plus a link or two within each of them (scroll to the very bottom of any page for a short-cut to all the links).

Our BLOG section is a meant to be #fun, inspirational, and educational ... and where I'll share with you some videos and stories that I hope you'll find interesting.

If you have any feedback on the OATBAY site at all, please drop me a note, plus always feel free to give me a call.

- Bob