197 High Street

Joy and I were married in Duxbury in 1984, and in 1989 settled in affordable Central Mass raising our 2 girls, Emily and Laurie. By 2016 they were both out of college and on their way to building separate careers in the Boston area. Time to move. 

We thought seriously about the Berkshires, but settling back in Duxbury was the no-brainer. Our girls grew up here in the summertime with Grammie and Grand Dad on Winsor Street, then for 22 years we rented a cottage on Standish Shore. Now we're in rural West Duxbury full-time, living in a home that Stephen Chandler built in the mid-1800's:



We're a bit off the path - which is good enough for me - but just minutes from "just off Washington", where there's plenty of extended family.

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hi tide.jpg

The photo above was taken from the porch of our family's cottage on Winsor Street (Grammie and Grandad's), the day after January's frigid storm surge. To the left of the photo slightly off picture is the former Batelle Lab campus, which is now the property of Island Creek Oysters.


This photo was taken today (February 26), and shows how much the January storm tore up the salt marshes near our cottage. Before the storm, the marsh extended beyond where Kira is standing.