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... Hello, it's me, Bob Mills. ...

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I was born in Newton, grew up in southern Berkshire County, and spent every summer from when I was a little kid through my college years, catching striper, mackerel, and an occasional cod from my Gramp's boat, the Laurie Joan, out of Little Neck, Ipswich.

I began visiting Duxbury 34 years ago when I met my wife Joy, a 3rd generation Duxburyian. Our family loves it here, and we all enjoy the contiguous communities of Pembroke to the west, Marshfield to the north, and Kingston to the south.


After many years of working for Panera Bread as Senior Franchise Operations Manager (e.g: advising franchisees on behalf of the company), Panera left the world of a publicly traded company to join the private investment vehicle of JAB Consumer Fund and Holding Company. 

Panera is a fantastic concept, and a wonderful company to have been associated with. I'm proud of my tenure! The acquisition, however, served as a trigger for me to step back to consider what's next in life. During years of employment with Panera, the last 15 required me to travel throughout the country for about 38 weeks per year. Doing the math: Over the last 15 years I'd been away from my home and family for over 7 years. Time for a change.

I left Panera in January with no idea of what was next for me, and chose not to rush into a decision. What I did know was that, whatever that next thing would be ... it'll surely be close to home. Rather than put together a traditional resume, I decided to build a personal website that speaks to who I am. 

OATBAY was launched in late January.

OATBAY'S Blog Pages

OATBAY'S blog pages are meant to be fun, and where I'll share with you videos, events, and stories that I feel connected to. In short, the pages serve as my resume. I'll be reflecting on things about my life from a personal point of view, and also what I've done inside of a variety of full and part-time jobs that I've had with some fun, challenged, appreciated, and influential small and large businesses ... each of which have helped to shape who I am, and who I will be for the rest of my life.


- Bob


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